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GnomeFor tha Horde!

More than a decade ago my brother received the original WarCraft for Christmas. That snowy morning we both visited the world of Azeroth, an enthralling RTS full of humans, orcs, and resource gathering. Stu went with the way of the Alliance while I sided with the Horde, and I've never looked back.

Two sequels, an expansion, and a MMORGP later I'm still fighting the good fight. Or at least we're pretty sure the Horde is the good fight... or at least that's what Thrall tells us and he's far too high a level to question.

And like the real world inspires me to draw and bring my particular wrongness into being so does the world of Azeroth. And since I keep drawing more it just made sense to give them a page of their own. So have a look and enjoy. Just don't stare at the undead too much. They're a might sensitive.

- Brian aka Bludlemon